Food Delivery app development

Want to Build An Online Food Delivery App? CSNS technologies give you the best Food delivery app development services to grow your Food Delivery business online and generate revenue.

  • Hassle-Free Ordering process for the customer to place their food delivery order.
  • Track Delivery in the real time
  • Make online payments through multiple payment gateways.
  • Android & IOS Mobile Apps
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Food Delivery App Business Models

At CSNS, we serve customised Food delivery solutions for various Food Delivery app business models such as local Restaurants in our neighbourhood , Food Trucks, Cafe & Bakery, etc. Get a one stop Food ordering suite for managing your online Food Delivery Platform.

Single Owned Restaurant

Manage all your Restaurant online order processing and etc using a single Restaurant web based/App dashboard and multiply your business through reliable software platform

Local Cake Bakery & Food Truck Business

Take your Food delivery process business online by building an on-demand Food delivery app and create a digital presence

Online Presence

through our expertise, solution provider experts generate the online presence and reach a mass customer audience and generate revenue.


Build A Food Delivery App

Get Started with the profitable online Food delivery Business with our on-demand Food delivery Development Services. In addition, our Food Delivery mobile app development services are a one-stop Food Delivery software solution for all business types to manage and scale their business online

We, at CSNS, help you achieve the same success and brand value as the popular brands are experienced in today's market . Build a customised Food Delivery app with highly interactive user experience and top notch Quality assured system to provide the user trustworthy Food Delivery service.

Top Food Delivery App Development Features

Having experience working for various industries, we create comprehensive & Robust online Food Delivery software solutions for multiple industries at cost-effective rates and meet the deadline as commented.


A Customer Application is designed with ease to help the customers place their food delivery order by browsing multiple restaurants and its menu.

  1. Social Media Login

    Customers can sign up easily through multiple social media accounts.

  2. View Restaurants / Stores / Vendors

    Customers can search for and view all the nearby restaurants in their locality

  3. Restaurant / Store Menu

    Users can view the menus of various restaurants, compare, and choose the best.

  4. Push Notifications

    Customers get notifications of order confirmations, cancellations, new offers, and discounts.

  5. InApp Payments

    Users can make online payments using the food delivery app.

  6. Order Tracking

    Users can track their food orders using a real-time tracking feature. Users can track the exact location of their orders


A Driver Application is designed with great features and user-friendliness to accept or reject the restaurant delivery request as per the availability.

  1. Profile

    Drivers have to make their profile on the app by entering personal details with important details like licence, etc

  2. Push Notifications

    The drivers receive notifications of new orders placed , deliveries and related details

  3. Manage Availability

    Drivers can choose to go offline or online based on his availability

  4. Realtime Order Requests

    Drivers get notifications of the orders placed by customers on the app.

  5. Live Tracking

    Live Tracking feature enables drivers to track the delivery locations using GPS and track routes on the map.

  6. Manage Payments

    The drivers can view, track all his earning and order payments for the orders


A restaurant partner app helps to accept or reject the food delivery orders placed by the customers. It also helps in customizing the menu items as per availability.

  1. Profile

    Allow restaurant / Store owners to register and create a profile including address and contact details, a complete menu / inventory with prices, and delivery.

  2. Notifications

    Restaurants / Store Owners get notifications about the new order, status of received or shipped orders, the payment received online, and other important updates.

  3. Manage Dashboard

    The Admin can manage all the activities using an enhanced dashboard.

  4. Orders Management

    The Store / Restaurant owner can track all the orders placed, orders due, and orders delivered.

  5. Inventory Management

    Restaurants / Store Owners can create a new menu / inventory or customise existing menu / inventory based on item availability

  6. Reports

    The Store owner can view & generate reports to track multiple metrics


The Admin Dashboard helps restaurant owners to manage the complete delivery process.

  1. Dashboard

    Admin will have a view to enhanced dashboard with easy track of details

  2. Commission Management

    Admin can set the commission and other charges from the admin

  3. Customer Management

    The dashboard includes the details of customers, cuisines, restaurants / stores they prefer, and the orders they place.

  4. Restaurants / Store Management

    Manages details of all the restaurants/Stores by adding, updating, and removing restaurants from the list.

  5. Driver Management

    It includes the details of all the drivers, their profile information, licence, and other details.

  6. Payment Management

    Admin can view payments of all orders and revenue to be paid to stores, drivers etc for the settlement

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Frequently Asked Questions

On demand because users can order the items from the mobile app and can track them within the same app whenever they have a need.

There are two apps the Customer app(Android and IOS) and the driver apps(Android and IOS) along with that there is the merchant web panel as well as the Business Admin Panel. So in total there are 6 components.

The Food Delivery solution works similar to the Uber eats. Food-delivery apps allow customers to order from a nearby restaurant at their convenience. Customer can place order online with making required payments via multiple payment options available and customer will get their order delivered.The restaurants receive the order on the restaurant app and prepare the meal.The restaurant packs the order as indicated by the prerequisites given.The delivery-guy picks the order from the restaurant and drops it to the dropping location.Meanwhile, Customer can also review and rate the food. Food delivery applications have developed a rating system which places restaurants in an order dependent on their evaluations and surveys.Furthermore, the customers rate the restaurants depending on food quality, look, etc.

Yes, the food delivery solution is the same as the UberEats App.

Some of top features are:

  • Instant notification once an order is made
  • Seamless tracking experience on all orders made
  • Separate merchant panel for restaurants owners where they can update their products and get reports on all sales
  • Business Admin panel where Admin can manage the activities of the customer, drivers and merchants. Can manage the earnings as well.

Technology Stack:

  • iOS (Native App): Swift (Version 11 to 13, orientation - Portrait)
  • Android (Native App): Java (version 8.0 to 10.0, orientation- Portrait)
  • Restaurant Panel: PHP
  • Database: MySQL
  • UI/UX (For App): Photoshop or Sketch
  • QA: Manual Testing

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