Courier/ Parcel Delivery app development Solutions

Want to Build The Online Courier Delivery App? CSNS technologies give you the best Courier delivery app development services to grow your on demand Courier delivery business and provide the fastest & cost effective service at doorstep to your customer on time.

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On-Demand Courier/ Parcel Apps business Model

At CSNS, we serve customised Courier & Parcel Delivery solutions for various business models Our courier delivery app development solution helps you in automating the process of logistics and shipping plus managing and recording delivery updates


launch your app to help your customers to enter pick and drop-off locations, get estimated costs, track shipment status and manage packages anywhere, anytime.

Freight Forwarders

On-demand courier app for freight forwarders enables your company to manage its entire supply chain with full ease and convenience.

Delivery Service

Launch an online transport booking platform to simplify your delivery operations and help your customers transport bulky and heavy goods in a hassle-free way.


Build A Courier & Parcel Delivery App

Get Started with the profitable online Courier & Parcel Delivery Business with our on-demand Courier & Parcel Development Services. In addition , our Courier solution provides the one stop solution for all the Courier & Parcel solutions under mobile/web based platforms.

We, at CSNS, help you achieve the same success and brand value as the popular brands are experienced in today's market . Build a customised Transportation & Logistics app with highly interactive user experience and top notch Quality assured system to provide the users trustworthy service.

Top Courier & Parcel Delivery App App Development Features

Integrate your on-demand Courier & Parcel Delivery Application with the best-in-class features developed by the top Courier app development company. We, at CSNS, maintain a highly qualified team of Courier app developers.


Customer can place the online courier delivery order by entering the required courier details and track the parcel status in real time with below feature.

  1. Social Media Login

    Customers can sign up easily through multiple social media accounts.

  2. Place Courier / Parcel Order

    Customer can place the shipping order with entering the minimum details

  3. Push Notifications

    Customers get notifications of order confirmations, cancellations, new offers, and discounts.

  4. InApp Payments

    Users can make online payments using the app.

  5. Order Tracking

    Users can track their orders using a real-time tracking feature. Users can track the exact location of their orders

  6. Rating & Reviews

    Customers can give feedback, reviews, and ratings based on service and quality.

  7. Payment history

    Ability to track the payment history and download the invoices


Driver can manage the delivery process according to there availability and delivered the parcel on time with the help of route optimization and google maps navigation with below feature

  1. Profile

    Drivers have to make their profile on the app by entering personal details with important details like licence, certificates, etc

  2. Manage Availability

    Drivers can choose to go offline or online based on his availability

  3. Realtime Order Requests

    Drivers get notifications of the orders placed by customers on the app.

  4. Live Tracking

    Live Tracking feature enables drivers to track the delivery locations using GPS and track routes on the map.

  5. Manage Payments

    The drivers can view, track all his earning and order payments for the orders

  6. Push Notifications

    The drivers receive notifications of new orders placed , deliveries and related details

  7. Route Optimization

    Drivers can manage multiple delivers over same route


Admin can control and manage all the platform and track and manage the order process with below feature

  1. Dashboard

    Admin will have a view to enhanced dashboard with easy track of details

  2. Customer Management

    The dashboard includes the details of customers, stores they prefer, and the orders they place.

  3. Driver Management

    It includes the details of all the drivers, their profile information, licence, and other details.

  4. Payment Management

    Admin can view payments of all orders and revenue to be paid to stores, drivers etc for the settlement

  5. Commission Management

    Admin can set the commission and other charges from the admin

  6. Promo / Offer Management

    Admin can manage offers and codes from panel

  7. Complaints and Reports

    Admin can cater to any complaints made by users and serve them better

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our custom Courier Delivery solution is easily supportive to all types of business model

Manual booking by Admin , uber like booking with nearest driver assignment according to the availability

The solution takes no more than 10 weeks for complete launch and Deployment.

Yes, we can walk you through demo and showcase you the features as part of this product solution

Our solution comprises of below applications:

  • Customer Apps
  • Panel for Courier Delivery company
  • Delivery Driver Apps
  • Admin panel for business owner

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